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Christmassy Sticker Pack

Deck the holidays and season your greetings with these wintry wonders

Count down the days with 25 fully animated and seasonally appropriate stickers: send your true love mistletoe and your boss a disgruntled elf, go out to find the perfect tree or stay in and cuddle by the TV fireplace, wrestle with tangled lights and discover who’s hiding in the stocking, kick back with milk & cookies and let visions of candy canes dance in your head.

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Spookyish Sticker Pack

The tastefully terrifying way to celebrate the Halloween season and beyond

It’s the semi-scary, sorta spooky, kinda creepy Rag Tag sticker pack! Every single sticker in this spooky-ish pack moves to its own animated story, and is perfect for upping the creep factor of your iMessages, suggesting costume ideas, sending a ghost to a friend, a ghost pirate to an enemy, or a ghost drinking coffee to a frenemy.

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Classic Sticker Pack

Dumb stickers for your smart phone!

Jazz up those iMessages with this rag tag collection of animated stickers. The Classic Pack is the first of its kind and completely free! Give it a whirl to suggest something for lunch, punctuate a particularly sick burn, unintentionally text a coworker, or just dip your toe into this whole sticker thing.

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