Thanks for being a part of our first ever print run of Rag Tag calendars!

In light of an unprecedented calendar year, we’re obviously evaluating the need for another run this year. But we can’t wait to hear how it worked for you, so we’ll be sending a survey your way soon.

In case you’re not familiar with our semi-famous Fruhling family calendars, here’s the basics.

  • Cut out the month (or months) you want on the wall
  • Add the calendar dates and all your family activities
  • Colour in the themed lettering and add your own drawings
  • Use painter’s tape to stick it up on your wall
  • Add any new things as time goes on (it won’t bleed through)
  • Take a picture and recycle it!

We don’t quite remember how it started, but one day we stuck craft paper on our wall and drew a calendar on it. Now we can’t stop.

Having a visual reminder of our lives in the same place we eat, play, work, and rush around is weirdly transformative. Whether it’s counting down to a birthday, dreading a dentist appointment, or planning a getaway, our family looks at the wall first. We still live by our digital calendars, but we love our wall one.

We invite you share in this simple monthly practice of sitting down with some felt pens and charting out your days. Unroll the paper, cut off a month or two, write in the dates, add in everyone’s stuff, highlight the special events, doodle on the rest, and have fun colouring the themed lettering we’ve made for each month.

When each month is done, snap a picture of everything that transpired, recycle it, and move on. We think you’ll like it.